Tim Burgess is a landscape photographer based in Townsville, Queensland. Born in Melbourne, he travelled widely as a child as his family went on various postings overseas. After graduating from RMIT in Melbourne, he went to live in Hawaii and gained a Masters degree at the University of Hawaii. He worked in Hawaii for four years afterwards and then moved to Japan where he began to develop an interest in cameras and video. In 2005, he returned to Australia and began a new job working as a cameraman in Cairns. As a sideline, he began shooting and selling stock footage of wildlife. A few years later, he moved to Townsville to pursue another work opportunity and has been living in Townsville since.

Shooting wildlife footage, he gradually developed an interest in capturing the landscapes that his subjects inhabited. And with cameras developing the ability to shoot both video and stills, he began taking the opportunity to shoot landscape stills.

"I realized that my interest lay in capturing the varied landscapes of Northern Queensland - and the more I travelled through the region, the more strongly this interest grew. Having now talked to professional landscape photographers in other parts of the globe, it's become apparent to me that consistently shooting natural landscapes results in a strong affection for the scenes that surround you. I love the vastness and diversity of North Queensland and the possibilities are endless"

In 2014, Tim was chosen from over 2000 applicants to join a select group working on advancing their creative process in The Arcanum. He continues to investigate new methods and techniques for producing images that resonate strongly with him.

"The appeal of photography to me is that you can rise above the process of simply documenting fact, and look for images that walk the line between the two artistic mediums of photography and painting. These type of images appeal strongly to me and in turn, I hope they resonate with others who view my work"